Welcome to the new era of golf innovation

The golf bag has been around for almost as long as the ancient game itself. It sure gets the job done. But it shouldn't be the only option to haul your golf gear. We invite you to "think outside the bag" and let Transrover show you a better way.

It's not just a bag or a pushcart. Transrover's all-in-one design offers a smarter alternative by combining the best of both worlds...and then some!

Transrover folds up smaller than the average golf bag, allowing you to easily strap it onto any riding cart.

Alright, let's just cut to the chase...

It also comes with a built-in storage compartment that holds a six-pack in a fully insulated cooler bag.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Has the design been finalized?

We're still in the process of fine-tuning mechanical and aesthetics elements. Your feedback will be heard and taken into consideration as we continue to perfect Transrover.

How much does Transrover weigh?

Depending on the final components and selection of materials, Transrover is expected to be around 14-20 pounds. Preloaded with bag attached to the cart.

Does it come with a shoulder strap?

That is one feature we will not have on Transrover. We don't recommend carrying Transrover on your shoulder. It only takes seconds to fold and unfold. You can push it instead. It does comes with two side handles at the top for easy handling. 

When and where can I purchase?

You can buy it directly on Kickstarter.com immediately after we launch our campaign. At the moment, our plan is to only sell it to U.S addressed customers. Will keep you posted if we will be able to accommodate international shipping.

What other color/style choices does it come with?

We will have multiple colors, design, and fabric options available to choose from. 

How much does Transrover cost?

As we continue to fine-tune the design and finalize production details, many factors will effect the retail price. Our goal is to make it affordable for golfers at all level.

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