The ALL-IN-ONE video

Transrover overview

If a golf bag was to marry a pushcart, it will have Transrover as the golden child. In fact, we went above and beyond the standard features of bags and pushcarts that you're accustomed to seeing. Every nut and bolt, down to the last thread has been thoughtfully designed to give you the most versatile golf bag and pushcart combined, period.

Check out our highlighted features below

Configuring your gear

We know what it's like fumbling through a golf bag looking for your gear during the round. With Transrover, every single piece of equipment is thoughtfully placed within reach for easy access so you can keep your focus on the game.

Setting up Transrover

Transrover is intuitively engineered to set up in seconds. No more setting up your cumbersome pushcart and strapping down your golf bag.

Folding down Transrover

As easy as it is setting up, Transrover folds down in seconds. Get on  your way while your friends are still trying to unfold and shoving away their pushcarts.

Using the footbrakes

Transrover comes with two easy-to-use footbrakes, one on each rear wheel. Step on the pedal to lock, step on it again to disengage.

Changing the golf bag on Transrover

The golf bag is available in 5 color choices. It is designed to be interchangeable so you can swap them out as needed for easy cleaning or personal stylization.

The "6-pack" or clothes compartment

6-pack or raingear? It's a tough call. We know. That's why we went the extra mile with our design so you can strap the 6-pack cooler to the side handle, saving room for a change of clothing or raingear.

Shoulder strap & raincover installation

Transrover is equipped with an easy-to-install raincover & a padded shoulder strap for carrying short distances.

Lifting and carrying Transrover

To lift Transrover in and out of your car trunk, grab the cart by the drink holder located on the pushbar. Hold on to the top side handle with your other hand for balance. Use the padded shoulder strap for carrying short distances.

Adjusting the stabilizers bars on Transrover

Transrover is equipped with two telescoping stabilizer bars for added weight load support and balance. In order for these bars to function properly, you occasionally need to adjust the screws on the clips. They should be tight when clamping down.

Unboxing Transrover

A sneak peek at "what's in the box". Be sure to read the USER GUIDE that comes with each unit so you can fully appreciate all the innovations in our design and get the most out of your Transrover. (PDF available upon request).