Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with shoulder straps?
That  is one feature we will not have on Transrover. It only takes seconds to  fold and unfold the cart. You can push it everywhere instead. Imagine never having to lug the golf bag over your shoulder again. EVER. It does comes  with two side handles at the top for easy handling. 

When and where can I purchase?
It will be available for pre-order on 1/18/19 on Be sure to subscribe for the latest project updates. International shipping will be available in select countries. More destinations will be added when Transrover is ready for the general public.

How much does Transrover cost?
Transrover will be priced at $395 during our introductory phase. While price point is important for us to keep low, Transrover is not made like most flimsy golf bags or simple pushcarts. It is loaded with features and innovations that comes with a high production cost. It is built to last so you can show it off for years to come. 

Is there room for a sweater or rain gear?
Yes, you can either strap it on either side of Transrover using the elastic straps. We recommend this because you will want to hang up your wet gear out after the round. Many golfers store it in the full length pockets and forget them for days. Bad news for  the wet rain gear.

Is there room for an umbrella holder? How about stowing it when not in use?
It does have an umbrella mount at the very end of the pushbar, the highest point in the cart for clearance when walking. When not in use, the umbrella can be stowed on the side of of the golf bag using the strap system.

Can the club slots accommodate larger grips for golfers with arthritis?
Unfortunately, clubs with larger grips such as the Jumbo Max that measures 1.5” in diameter will not fit. Each slot can only accommodate standard to oversize grips measuring up to 1.25”. The putter slot can fit any oversized golf grips in the market.

Are the club slots individually divided?
We went above and beyond the traditional full length dividers as used in most golf bags. Each slot has its own hard shell compartment. Your clubs will glide in at ease. The integrated Cradling System will hold each club in place, preventing them from rattling against each other.

Will there be a battery powered model?
Not yet. We get this question a lot from our subscribers. Could be something we will look into down the road. Keep in mind, with Transrover's all-in-one design, it is extremely light and responsive compared to anything out there. Maneuvering it around the golf course is a breeze.
Can I travel with Transrover?
Yes. Transrover will fit most oversized third party travel cases. We recommend the TourTrek Premium Hardcase Travel Cover.

What are the specifications?
It measures 33"x13.8"x13.3". Smaller footprint than most pushcarts and cart bags

How much does it weigh?

The cart is about 20lbs with bag attached. With golf clubs, balls, and accessories, you can tag on an extra 15-20 lbs. While this could be heavy to lift in and out of the trunk, you'd never have to worry about lugging it around on your shoulder.