The journey

Thank you for your interest in learning more about our project. My name is Thinh Tran, founder and inventor of Transrover. My journey started with a simple idea that took shape and quickly grew into an obsession. Between balancing a married life, raising our first child, and my profession as a Graphic Designer...I always squeezed in any spare time to work on Transrover. Usually late at night, in either the garage or backyard hacking out ideas and concepts. Most of which were made out of spare stroller parts, cardboards, and random hardware from Home Depot. There were times when I was faced with nearly impossible design challenges, I never gave up on my vision. Friends often asked me "What is wrong with a golf bag? Why reinvent it?" Nothing really's good enough for what it does. To me, good enough just isn't good enough. I knew there has to be a better way. I will not settle until my vision is realized. I started my journey in early 2010, a few months before our first child was born. She’s now 7. After nearly 8 years of tinkering, I followed my heart and turned in my resignation at the top of my career and went all-in to pursue my dream. What a great feeling to put all my heart and soul into something I believe in. Nevertheless, it hasn’t been easy doing this on my own. The financial burden is one of the biggest struggles as the project got more and more expensive as we get closer to production. Without any financial backing, our hard-earned savings was starting to dwindle. To get Transrover to where it is today, I emptied out my 401K and refinanced our house to stay on track with the project. We're almost there. The next step is to launch our crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign. We need our fans' support to bring Transrover to life. Our goal is to pre-sell a minimum of 2,000 units. Revenue generated from the campaign will enable us to move forward with tooling and fulfilling the first order for our supporters. Transrover Inc. will officially be in business and ready to bring this incredible product to the mass market.

Let's bring Transrover to life...together!

Transrover, the all-in-one golf cart debuted at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, January 2018. It was an instant hit. We received tremendous support from golf industry professionals across the world. Transrover went on to win an award for “Most Innovative Concept” at the Show. It was also featured live on The Golf Channel, twice!!! (See the video links on the News & Media tab). We are working around the clock to perfect Transrover and get it ready for production. We invite you to join us in our incredible journey. With your help, we can bring Transrover to life, together. Please subscribe, share, and help us spread the word about Transrover. Thanks to everyone for your continued support and encouragement. 


Team Transrover 

Behind the scenes. PGA Merchandise Show 2018.