The story behind the "Most Innovative" golf invention.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about our project. My name is Thinh Tran, founder and inventor of Transrover. If you’re golfer, you have a golf bag. Most likely more than one in the years you’ve played. It’s pretty much the only option you have to carry your golf gear. I invite you to “think outside the bag” and let Transrover show you a better way to carry your golf gear both on & off the course. Like many of you, I too have gone through multiple golf bags. I used to hope that the next one is better than the last. Truth is, most golf bags are made the same way with the same designs & features for decades. I always dreaded carrying it on my shoulder. No matter the weight of the bag, with clubs added, it is a lot of work to lug around for 18 holes. The clubs are all bunched up in the middle rattling against each other, also making it hard to track or keep organized. What if you occasionally walk? Pushcarts are cumbersome & taking up all the trunk space. To much of a hassle to strap a bag onto the pushcart then having to repeat the process again post round. The list goes on and on. I knew there has to be a better way.  

Why not combine the bag & cart into one?

My search for the illusive answer began on March 2010. It soon became my obsession. I worked on it any chance I get. Usually late at night in my garage or backyard hacking out concepts and prototypes with whatever random scraps I could get my hands on. Finally, after over nine years of inventing and perfecting, my vision for Transrover has been realized. Our recent Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign was fully funded. Mass production is well underway. Thank you everyone for your continued support and help spreading the word.


Team Transrover 

Behind the scenes. PGA Merchandise Show 2018.